Collection: Dtf transfers

DTF prints are here!

Multiple sheet sizes available

PNG Only

File MUST be transparent background

Add a ⅛” safety margin along all edges to avoid print cut off in trimming


No edits available Unless you choose the option for me to build your gang sheet.

If I am building it, please email all images to and title the email subject “dtf transfer”... I will need to know what size EACH image needs to be, what it’s going on, & approx size. For example if it is going on a coffee cup tell me which image is going on the coffee cup, if it is going on clothing, what size clothing/cup/etc  and placement and so. If you are completely lost on how to send me the images with sizes, tell me. I am here to help!


Choose the size print you would like and upload your file sized to the size of the sheet you are ordering.

TAT is 3-9 days before shipping


Heat press to 300-310, press for 10-12 seconds.  COLD PEEL – then add butcher paper or a Teflon cover and press for another 7 seconds to lock in the design.


For the longevity of your t-shirt’s transfer, wash in cold, inside out and lay flat or hang to dry.  Heat, over time, will degrade the material, so the use of a hot dryer is not recommended.

Dtf transfers

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